Turkish deputy: “I warned Erdogan against the Saudi reaction, but there is no life for those you call.”


Majid Al-Qazziz (echo):

The CHP deputy revealed the Hatay region; Muhammad Qouzal Mansour about his warning about the reaction of the Saudis a year and a half ago.

“I have been warning the (Turkish) government for a year and a half about the reaction of the Saudis, and no one has responded. Similar signals come from countries with Saudi Arabia such as the UAE, Morocco and Tunisia. But our government has no life for those who call.” He made a comment on the Saudis and Moroccans boycotting Turkish products.

He continued, “Despite all the information, documents and evidence, Saudi Arabia has not imposed an official ban. If the problem is not resolved, the bankruptcy of exporters will be inevitable.”

The Kingdom launched a campaign to boycott Turkish products, and a number of Arab countries, Armenia and Cyprus joined it. In response to the Turkish violations and the follies of the Turkish president against the Kingdom and the Arab world in general,


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