Turkey meat helps relieve digestive disorders


An international team of researchers led by McMaster University confirms that turkey meat helps treat digestive and stomach disorders.

According to the journal, “Science Medicine” interested in medicine and science, turkey meat contains the amino acid “tryptophan”, along with some beneficial bacteria for the intestine, to contribute to healing and a good stomach response.

The researchers pointed out that the presence of “tryptophan” in the intestine can benefit the stomach, and it is found in abundance in turkey meat, as well as chocolate, bananas and vegetables such as broccoli.

During the study, researchers examined three groups, the first for patients with active digestive disorders, the second for patients after two years of following a “gluten-free” diet, and the third for healthy people.

Celiac patients had evidence of decreased bacterial metabolism to tryptophan, and the gut microbes did not adequately stimulate the “hydrocarbon-aryl” receptor pathway that controls inflammation and protects the intestinal barrier.


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