Trump’s Long Road: Florida clinches the race


Donald Trump and Joe Biden are walking shoulder to shoulder in six major states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona, deciding to win – or in some of them – the result of the race in favor of one of them. These states that gave Trump, four years ago, the votes of the electorate to win the presidency, are still hesitating, this year, about favoring one candidate over another, in light of the absence of clear electoral programs for the campaigns of the Republican and Democratic candidates and replacing them with slogans such as “Eliminate Corona” Under Biden, or the economic boom in the shadows of Trump.
Over the past century, only Florida was a major driver behind this victory by a Republican candidate. This state is considered the largest swing state that cannot predict the whims of its voters, in addition to being the pillar of the “Sun Belt” extending in the South and Southwest of America, where the population density, agriculture and military industries, as well as the large numbers of retirees who constitute a real weight in terms of the tilt of the cuff One filter and another. Given its significance, the spotlight will be on Florida next Tuesday night. Its 14 million electorate, and its weighted share in the electorate of 29 votes, are crucial to obtaining the majority of 270 votes needed in the body to reach the White House. And because state laws allow for early counting of absentee ballots, amounting to about six million this year compared to 2.7 million in 2016, the count is expected to complete quickly as the counties begin issuing preliminary results in the early hours of polling day, which means that the result may be evident by the time. Dawn next Wednesday. The main polling institutions indicate that the victory of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in this state will conclude the career of President Donald Trump, who, along with Florida, needs both Arizona and North Carolina in the “rust belt”, and one of the major states, namely Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin .
On the eve of the election, the battle between Trump and Biden rages as they seek to win the votes of undecided voters in a handful of swing states that play a critical role in the outcome. Polls show that the Democratic candidate, the leading Democratic candidate by far across the country, is walking shoulder with Trump in these states. According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll, covering the period between October 14 and 21, he is tied with the US president in Florida (49% versus 47%), after he was – previously surpassing him (50% versus 46%). ), Even if this difference falls on the margin of poll error. This also applies to Arizona, where Biden received 48% of the potential vote, compared to 46% for Trump. If the former wins this 11-vote state in the Electoral College, he will become the first Democratic candidate in the presidential election to win since Bill Clinton in 1996. More voters saw Biden in a better position to deal with the Corona epidemic, 48% to 42%. While Trump received 52% support in the economy, compared to 41% for the Democratic candidate.

Polls suggest Biden’s victory in Florida will seal Trump’s career

Under these two titles, the two candidates held two election rallies in Florida, the day before yesterday. The US President boasted to his supporters in Tampa about the record growth rates that were recorded in the third quarter of this year, in which he saw an indication that his country’s economy, which was affected by the epidemic crisis, is recovering, warning Americans that the closure measures that will be imposed during the Biden era to combat the virus will eliminate Normal life. Despite Trump’s enthusiasm, economists are warning that the recovery (33.1%) in the period from July to September, after declining by 31.4% in the second quarter, was driven by consumer spending supported by massive government aid of $ 3 trillion, and a deadline has passed. Most of it has since. From Broward County, Biden reminded his supporters of the importance of Florida in deciding the election result, stressing that he would not shut down the country, but would put an “end to the virus.” The former vice president is well ahead among black voters (84-14), women (57-41) and independents (55-41), and he is also preferred among the elderly (53-47) and those who make up a large percentage of the state’s electorate. Currently the outcome among voters over the age of 65 (this group, along with independents, supported Trump in 2016). The two candidates are equal among Hispanic voters (according to the Pew Research Institute, 32 million Latin Americans are eligible to vote this year). Polls show that this has the final say in some swing states, whether in Nevada or Arizona, or in other states such as Michigan and North Carolina. In front of a gathering of hundreds of his supporters in Michigan on Tuesday, Trump gave the Americans a choice between “our project to kill the virus, and Biden’s project to kill the American dream”, because these elections are “a choice between a tremendous recovery led by Trump, or a depression led by Biden.”
Like Florida, North Carolina is another swing state, with its share of 15 votes in the 538-member electorate. According to the latest opinion polls showing Biden’s progress in two major states, Michigan and Wisconsin, the president’s team is still betting on polling day, and on whom he calls the “silent bloc” in support of him, or “the forgotten America,” whose strength is the white working class in factories and farms. And the mining field, which he says will go out to vote on Tuesday. A poll conducted by the “Washington Post” newspaper and the “ABC” news network showed Biden excelling in major states in the Midwest, narrowly (5 points) ahead of Trump in Michigan, but by a larger difference of 17 points in Wisconsin. And the two states, to Pennsylvania (20 votes in the electoral college), are extremely important, especially the latter, which, in 2016, granted Trump the votes of its commission, despite winning 44,000 votes out of a total of 6.1 million voters.

War on New York
The relationship between the US President, Donald Trump, and his city, New York, turned into an open war, which was intensified by the impact of mutual attacks between him and its democratic authority, in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic. As Tuesday approached, the president intensified his attacks on the city, which is a democratic stronghold, describing it, in his last debate with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as a “ghost town” after thousands of well-off residents left, and office neighborhoods in it deserted in light of the outbreak of “Corona” . This prompted the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, to respond, saying that “the only ghost town will be Maralago (Trump’s residence in Florida) where she will remain in forced retirement after the elections.”
Despite the presence of some pro-Trump “pockets” in New York, led by Staten Island and a number of Queens and Brooklyn neighborhoods, the president is expected to suffer a crushing defeat, similar to what happened in 2016, when 79% of the New York electorate voted to compete with Hillary Clinton. Since entering the White House, Trump has deliberately tightened immigration policy. New York, like other major democratic cities, has responded by declaring itself a “haven”, refusing to cooperate with the immigration policy of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, which prompted the administration to withdraw some federal aid from the city. . Tensions increased even more with the spread of the epidemic that severely struck New York, prompting its authorities to impose a strict stone on the city, which, until now, is still subject to restrictions, which raises the discontent of the president calling for the relaunch of the economic wheel. For months, the city’s mayor and the state’s Democratic governor have called on the president and the Republicans to support the city’s finances to compensate for the deficit in tax revenues resulting from the epidemic, without the administration responding, which may force the authorities to limit public services.
(News, AFP)

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