Trump is allowing the United States to return to global health with conditions




US President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump announced that he had allowed his country to return to membership in the World Health Organization, indicating that there were conditions for that.

Speaking to his supporters in Pennsylvania, Trump said, “The United States pays the organization $ 500 million annually, while China pays $ 39 million, and has great access.”

“I promise you one thing: If we go back one day to the organization, we can come back for a lot less money. We don’t have to pay $ 500 million, it’s a great financial deal,” he said.

And he added, there are “hundreds of other examples of the United States’ participation in deprived international organizations and alliances that can be talked about throughout the day.”

The White House suspended funding for the World Health Organization in mid-April, while US President Donald Trump warned that such a measure will remain in effect as long as errors in the response are investigated and cover up the spread of the Corona virus.

Trump has ordered an investigation into a possible conspiracy between the World Health Organization and China, the purpose of which was to conceal information about the Corona virus and its sources.

Later, the Trump administration announced plans to partially resume funding for the organization, on the condition that it receive an equal amount of contributions with China, as well as a series of reforms.

The United States joined the World Health Organization in June 1948.

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