Trump has likely suffered severe symptoms of Corona disease


Doctors not involved in treating US President Donald Trump have said that the revelation that he had started taking dexamethasone, a drug widely used to fight other diseases to reduce inflammation, was evidence that he had suffered severe symptoms.

On Sunday, Trump’s medical team revealed that the president began taking the aforementioned drug after suffering from a low level of oxygen, but his condition had improved and he may be discharged from hospital on Monday.

“What I heard at the press conference indicated that the president has more severe disease than the optimistic picture claims,” ​​said Dr. Daniel McCoylan, an infectious disease specialist at The Lahey Hospital and Center in Burlington, Massachusetts.

The Infectious Diseases Society of America says that dexamethasone is useful for critically ill patients with the Corona virus who need additional oxygen. But studies indicate that the drug is not helpful and may be harmful in individuals with moderate symptoms.

The risk of deterioration

Trump was transported by helicopter from the White House to Walter Reed Hospital near Washington on Friday, hours after he was declared infected with the Coronavirus.

Dr Amish Adalja, an infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University, said that if Trump became indispensable to supplemental oxygen and was able to return to his usual activities, his doctors could let him out of the hospital.

He added, “The most important question is whether there are risks of deterioration? Or is it on a good path?”

For his part, the medical team treating Trump in the hospital said that the president’s condition is not a cause for concern, but revealed that Trump had suffered from a lack of oxygen twice, last Friday and Saturday.

Doctors confirmed that Trump may be able to leave the hospital on Monday if he continues to improve.

On the other hand, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned the credibility of the statements made by Trump’s medical team because they were issued after the approval of the president, she said.

The medical team treating Trump is monitoring the condition of his lungs after he got extra oxygen on Friday, but on Sunday, doctors declined to give details of what they observed.

Trump, 74, received two doses of the antiviral drug remdisever within a 5-day treatment period, in addition to dexamethasone, which is from the steroid family, and is used to treat critically ill patients with the Coronavirus.

Unpredictable results

White House doctor Sean P. Conley said that the oxygen levels in Trump’s blood decreased in the first days, and he had a high fever on Friday morning, admitting that the president’s condition was worse than what was revealed in the previous time.

In response to a question about the tests revealed about the condition of President Trump’s lungs, Conley said, “There are some expected results, but there is nothing of great medical concern.”

Dr Amish Adaga, an infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, said Connelly’s response indicated that the scans showed some signs of pneumonia.

“The expected conclusion is that he has evidence of signs of pneumonia. If (the x-rays) were normal, they would simply say they were normal,” he added.

Trump had spoken to the Americans from his hospital room, saying that the next few days would be the “real test” in his treatment of the virus.

Trump – who appeared exhausted as he spoke in a 4-minute video on his Twitter account on Saturday – said, “During the next few days, I think it will be the real test, so we will see what happens during the next two days.”

A short tour outside the hospital

Yesterday evening, Trump said that he was discharged from the hospital in his car to greet his supporters, and a video clip circulated on social media showed him inside the presidential car and wearing a muzzle, and soon he returned to the presidential wing of the hospital after his short tour.

Trump said in a video clip on Twitter that he learned a lot from the Corona virus, directly. He added that he had received a wonderful report from the medical team and thanked them “for the wonderful work they have done.”

The Wall Street Journal revealed (The Wall Street Journal) that Trump learned of his infection with Corona last Thursday after a quick examination before his interview with Fox News (FOX NEWS), but according to the same newspaper, he did not announce that he had Corona after a quick examination and requested his return.

And in what appears to be a steady decline in Trump’s popularity, a poll for the American Wall Street Journal and NBC News showed the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the president by 14 percentage points in a poll, while Another poll revealed that Trump’s infection with Corona did not bring much sympathy to him.


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