Trump announces his willingness to donate his blood plasma to those fighting the Corona virus


The US President, Donald Trump, said that he will donate his blood plasma, or what is called convalescent plasma, to other Americans who are fighting against the Corona virus after he has developed antibodies to the disease.

And Al-Hurra reported that Trump said in statements to Fox News, in response to a question in this regard, “No one asked me this question, but I, in fact, will. If they want me to do this, I am happy to do so.”

And plasma, the liquid component of blood, is the environment that contains the immune bodies that are against the diseases that the body has been exposed to, and extracting them from those recovering from Corona disease will give an immune boost that helps patients confront the virus that has infected tens of millions around the world.

And in August, the US Food and Drug Administration permitted the use of convalescent plasma as a treatment for Corona virus in emergency situations, in a move described by Trump as a “truly historic” announcement.

It is noteworthy that this is Trump’s first television interview since he was hospitalized due to the virus.

Regarding the most prominent symptoms he felt after his infection with Corona, Trump said that he “did not feel as energetic as the President of the United States should. But I did not have the breathing problem that many people suffer from.”

On Thursday evening, White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said the president had completed his treatment and was allowed to return to his public duties.


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