Trump and Biden take the election fight to Florida


As the election boom approaches, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, are working on Thursday to polarize supporters in the crucial state of Florida. a
And Florida, which has a total of 29 electoral votes, is of great importance in next Tuesday’s elections, and a new poll by Reuters Ipsos shows that Trump and Biden are tied.As the Coronavirus spreads across the country, Trump will attend an outdoor rally in Tampa.

Trump’s meetings in recent days have witnessed the participation of thousands, many of them without masks, despite the recommendations of the public health authorities.

As for Biden, he will hold an open public meeting in which the participants will remain in their cars in Tampa. He is also hosting a similar event earlier in the day in Broward County, South Florida.

Polls show Biden is significantly ahead of Trump in the country, but the lead is smaller in swing states.

On Wednesday, a Reuters Ipsos poll showed that Trump tied with Biden in Florida, with the latter winning 49% and Trump’s 47%.

More voters said Biden was better positioned to tackle the pandemic, 48 to 42 percent, while Trump had 52 percent support in the economy and Biden had 41 percent support.

The US Election Project data at the University of Florida showed that more than 75 million voters cast their ballots, either in person or by mail, which represents a record number that exceeds 53% of the total number of participants in the 2016 elections.

In a major setback for Republicans in two of the swing states, the US Supreme Court refused on Wednesday to block extending the deadlines for receiving postal votes in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

US stocks plunged on Wednesday, as the Dow Jones index fell to levels not seen since late July, with the rise in coronavirus infections worldwide, amid fears among investors about the possibility of disagreement over the election result.

On Thursday, Trump will likely focus on new government data on GDP in the third quarter, as the economy tries to recover what it lost earlier this year at the height of the pandemic.

A Trump election campaign official said the president plans to return to the Midwest on Friday to continue advertising in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In the last week of the propaganda campaign, the President plans to visit ten states, and in the last 48 hours, he will attend 11 public meetings.

On Wednesday, Biden, after receiving information from public health officials, attacked what he described as the Trump administration’s disregard for safety standards and its failure to develop a plan to contain the pandemic.

“The longer he stays in power, the more reckless he is,” Biden told reporters before casting his vote in Wilmington, Delaware.

On the other hand, Trump accused Biden of wanting to impose new lockdown measures across the country, causing further damage to the economy.

After Tampa, Trump will travel to North Carolina, another hotly-contested state, for an evening meeting in Fayetteville.

As for Biden, he will travel to Wisconsin on Friday and co-publicize with former President Barack Obama in Michigan on Saturday, according to his campaign.

It is reported that Trump won both states in 2016, which contributed to his arrival at the White House.


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