“Tripoli Festival” 2020: Online cinema


At five o’clock in the afternoon Beirut time, the activities of an extraordinary session of the “Tripoli Film Festival” will start tomorrow, Friday. In view of the conditions imposed by the Corona virus on artistic and cultural activities around the world, the organizers of the northern Lebanese event decided to make do with an exceptional online session. Note that the Tripoli Online Film Festival website indicates that the event takes place twice a year, in the months of April and October, presenting short videos that fall into four fields, namely: fiction, documentary, animation and experimentation. The decision to organize this session came after the announcement shortly before that the seventh edition of the Mother Festival would be postponed to 2021.In the cinematic demonstration that will remove the curtain tomorrow and conclude on October 23, there is no jury. Rather, it will suffice to vote digitally through the website, in preparation for awarding the audience award (the only one this year). As for the participating tapes, 12 short films were chosen, which people will be able to follow through the festival website or its social media accounts. The addresses selected belong to several countries, namely: Lebanon, Estonia, Italy, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt, Syria, Germany, the Emirates and the United States.

* “Tripoli Electronic Film Festival”: starting tomorrow, Friday, until the current October 23 – www.tripoli-onlinefest.com (لعلاع: 76/812433)

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