Traces of primitive life in the solar system outside the earth


Anatoly Petrokovich, director of the Institute for Space Research, announced that traces of primitive life could be found in the atmosphere of Venus and the ice of Mars or in the oceans under the ice of the moons of the gas giant planets.

Petrokovic said, in an interview with the Russian news agency “Novosti”: “For the development of such life, it is sufficient, according to current scenarios, to have a stable place with an appropriate temperature, water and a thermal or chemical source of energy.

And modern astronomy indicates, “Such places are widespread in the solar system. The oceans may be located under the ice on the moons of the gas giant planets, the clouds of Venus and the ice of Mars.”

According to him, finding such a life would not surprise science and scientists, if it were found there. And all that is needed is a “must try to search”.

The expert believes that the discovery of any kind of life, even the most primitive of its source outside the earth, will change the views of humanity, and radically expand the concept of possible limits in the sciences of genetics and biological chemistry. “This is one of the tasks that practically justifies all investments,” he added.


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