Tottenham star Son Heung-min is banned from marrying



Human beings naturally need family relationships, and their attention is usually focused on bonding, but the father of Tottenham Hotspur star, South Korean Son Heung-min, has a different opinion about engagement and marriage.

Despite the barrier of secrecy surrounding Son Heung-min’s life, the South Korean international wing recently revealed one of the strangest secrets in his personal life, which is the reason why he has not yet married despite his 28-year-old age.

Sun Heung-min, who is currently the top scorer in the Premier League, confirmed that he refuses to marry, in compliance with the decision and advice of his father, explaining that the reasons are related to his sports career.

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The British newspaper “The Guardian” quoted the Korean star as saying that he agreed with his father’s position and had no intention of getting married before he retired from football.

“My dad talks about this and I agree with him. When you get married, your family, your wife and your children will be more important to you, then football. I want to stay confident that as long as I play at the highest level, football will be first and for me,” he added.

“Nobody knows how long it will take to play at the highest level. And when you retire at the age of 33 or 34, you will be able to live a long life with your family.”

“Do European coaches prefer to marry footballers early? Yes, in order for the players to avoid fun and problems off the field … but I am not one of those who like to do these things.”

It is reported that Son Heung-min began his professional career in the European continent in 2010 with Hamburg, Germany, and moved from him to Bayer Leverkusen in 2013, and then to Tottenham in 2015.

Source: + RT


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