Today’s technology – innovation of a headphone disinfected from the epidemic using ultraviolet waves


Today’s News Technology of the Day – Creating a Sterilized Headphone from the Epidemic Using Ultraviolet Waves Source of News – Al Araby Today with details of the news Creating a Sterilizer from the Epidemic Using UV Waves:

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One can describe the new AUVBT1 Bluetooth headset with a disinfected ultraviolet (UVC) short range from iHome, as a wonderful innovative product that appeared at the right time. This headset is one of the products of IHOME, one of the most important subsidiaries of SDI Technologies, as part of the new production line of UVC-equipped products, according to Tribune Media services.

Of course, it is quite appropriate to introduce such a product at a time of pandemic, but keeping smartphones, earphones, glasses, keys, credit cards, and remote controls clean and safe is essential in the long run. The protection provided by the “UVC” waves, according to what IHome said, has been tested in the laboratory, and it has proven successful in eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without using any liquids or chemicals.

When disinfection, the user only needs to lift an upper cover that reveals a hollow part intended for disinfection of the thing to be disinfected. And when the cover is raised, the LED cells (dual-emitting light-emitting cells), which emit ultraviolet rays, to avoid exposure to these rays, stop working, and they return to work again when the device is closed to complete the cleaning process in just three minutes. Dual emitting ultraviolet rays with short range on the upper and lower surfaces ensuring complete disinfection of the target device. There is also a cleaning countdown timer that shows the 180-second cleaning cycle.

While disinfection is the new feature in the iHome bedside device system, there are dual alarm clocks, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker can be connected to a mobile device to enable wireless audio playback. A pair of 5-watt USB-A charging slots help charge mobile devices. The watch’s smart dimmer also has a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness level according to the room’s brightness.

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