Today’s latest news – “Arcturus” graces the western horizon today


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The Arcturus star is one of three stars that can be observed in the dome of the sky, which flashes in several colors at this time of the year, after sunset today, Sunday October 4, 2020 and the beginning of the night, this star can be seen in the northwest horizon at the top right of the sunset site.

Every year at this time, three stars are observed that shine in different colors, one of which is “Al-Ayyouk”, which is currently on the northeastern horizon at midnight, and the other is the star of Sirius Al-Yamania, which is currently observed on the southern horizon at dawn.

According to the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, the third star is arthropods that shine in different colors seen with the naked eye for the same reason related to Sirius and Al-Aiq, because these three stars are bright and at this time of the year they are low in the sky.

When an object is observed low in the sky, we see it through a dense layer of the atmosphere, unlike when it is high in the sky. The atmosphere breaks and separates the star’s light, which makes these stars sparkle in multiple colors.

Arcturus is an orange star 26 times larger than the sun, and it appears as a mere point of light in the Earth’s sky due to the distance that separates us from it of 37 light-years. He will observe this star during the coming weeks of October, and he will notice that the star begins to decrease with the passage of days.

The Hadawah site offers you the latest news and everything new, sports news, global news, local news around the clock, the latest news today, from his shoe site.


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