To protect yourself from Corona, you must have this delicious soup!


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The Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” pointed out that lentil soup is one of the foods that must be taken care of, especially in light of the Corona pandemic and the entry of winter, noting that it represents a mine for the zinc element that the body needs to strengthen immunity.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, a member of the American Council of Physical Therapy with Medicinal Plants, says that there are amazing benefits of lentil soup, noting that it helps children grow naturally because it provides them with protein.

He continued: “It is useful for the pregnant woman to prevent fetal deformities, as it works to build the body from iron and copper elements, and treats those who suffer tremors in the hands, due to a lack of vitamins, and it also treats anemia.”

The Egyptian doctor says that lentil soup strengthens immunity because it is rich in zinc, indicating that it is useful for masculinity, such as seafood soup.

Eating lentil soup can treat infections and chronic pain, according to Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, who confirms that “eating lentil soup daily for 8 weeks eliminates cholesterol and triglycerides, especially while adhering to a healthy diet low in carbohydrates and salts.”


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