To prevent osteoporosis … Foods to eat and others to avoid


And longer a disease OsteoporosisOne of the most widespread diseases around the world, especially after the age of forty, where the bones of the body become weak and easy to break, to the point that any fall or even simple exertion such as bending or Cough It can cause fractures.

Fractures associated with osteoporosis most commonly occur in the hip, wrist and spine.

Though Heredity One of the main factors of infection, according to many medical research and studies, the lifestyle followed greatly affects the possibility of infection, especially with regard to the foods that the individual eats, the extent of his physical activity and exposure to the sun.

To prevent this disease, it is important to eat healthy foods that stretch the body With vitamins والبروتين And calcium And the calories it needs.

Calcium is essential for women after a break MenstruationWith a concentration of 1,000 milligrams per day, knowing that it can be obtained from foods such as milk, and other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.

Green vegetables are also prepared, such as turnip والبروكوليOne of the important sources of calcium.

Calcium can also be obtained by taking supplements, provided that the proportion of calcium taken alongside the supplement does not exceed two thousand milligrams, to avoid the side effects of calcium.

It is also necessary to obtain Vitamin D”After menopause, women consume 800 international units of vitamin “D” per day, and this ratio, along with calcium, reduces the incidence of fractures for women at this age.

Vitamin D is obtained from some foods, such as milk, salmon, yogurt, orange juice, and grains.

If you do not get enough vitamin “D” from foods, it can be taken as a supplement with a doctor’s prescription.

Potassium-rich foods are also important, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach, in addition to rich foods With Vitamin C Such as orange, grapefruit, and pineapple.

In addition to foods, there are other factors that play an important role in preventing osteoporosis, on top of which is to quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important means to maintain good health and a strong body, as it helps to maintain bone density and strengthen it Muscles.

On the other hand, it is appropriate for people with osteoporosis, who are elderly in particular, to avoid eating certain foods, such as those rich in salt, since excessive consumption of salt leads to the body’s excretion of calcium harmful to the bones.

Wheat bran, which reduces the absorption of calcium in other foods and rich drinks, should also be avoided With caffeine, Especially Soft drinks Energy drinks, and legumes.


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