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Tire disaster management: 25 new injuries and one death


The Disaster Department in the Union of Municipalities of Tire District, and based on the report of the Chief of Judicial Medicine, Dr. Wissam Ghazal, announced that 25 laboratory-confirmed and confirmed cases of covid-19 were recorded today for residents of contacts, including 3 injuries from the Palestinian community. Today, the death of an elderly patient suffering from chronic diseases has been recorded.

The casualties were distributed today as follows: Tire 4, Al-Burj Al-Shamali 4, Al-Abbasiya 4, Al-Barghalia 3, Al-Hosh 2, Al-Bazouriya 2, and one injury in each of: Derganon, Ras Al-Ain, Shehabiyeh, Tirdeba, Rashidieh, Al-Qilaila, Al-Shabriha.

Accordingly, the number of injured people in the district increased to 1022, and they were distributed as follows: 202 imported cases (3 deaths), 821 local cases (816 contacts), including 141 Palestinian citizens, 22 Syrian citizens, and 2 Iraqi citizens, 112 cases Of the international emergency forces, 14 local deaths. And 405 of them have fully recovered.

The unit stated that “it is the only body authorized to issue data on the reality and health data related to the Coronavirus, the numbers of patients, recovered, and suspected cases, according to a report from the Chief Medical Officer. Accordingly, we hope that all parents will not be drawn into any news that is not issued by this unit.

And she concluded: “Because of the continuing increase in the number of injured, according to the reports of the Ministry of Public Health, we advise all residents of Tire district to continue to adhere fully to non-mixing and to apply all the instructions issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines, to avoid any potential injury or harm.”


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