Tips before sending your computer to a “repair service”


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Tips before sending your computer for “repair service”, Monday October 19, 2020 11:21 am

The German expert added that securing data with a password alone is not sufficient to protect it against strangers’ access to it, and advised that the data should be encrypted.

The German magazine says, but the data encryption function is not an easy procedure for the average user, as the Home version of the Microsoft Windows operating system lacks the Bitlocker encryption tool, and here users of Windows and other operating systems can use the free VeraCrypt tool.

And she adds: The encryption program can be downloaded via the website, and instructions must be carefully read and steps taken to work properly, otherwise the data may not be properly encrypted, or the user may not be able to obtain the decryption key to recover the data again. .

Axel Waldeck said that data encryption is one of the precautionary measures that must be followed when the laptop is used abroad a lot or when the desktop computer is in the warranty period and is likely to be sent to the repair service, as the data cannot be encrypted if the desktop computer has a malfunction.

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