Thwarting a plot to kidnap a US state ruler and launch a “civil war” – One World – beyond its borders


Thirteen men belonging to an American far-right group were accused of conspiring for months to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen, and strongly opposed to US President Donald Trump and start a “civil war”, after the FBI thwarted their plan thanks to whistleblowers and agents who infiltrated their ranks.

According to the indictment, published Thursday, six of the conspirators, described by Western Michigan District Attorney Andrew Berg as “violent extremists”, planned to kidnap Witmar before the November 3 presidential election, and then “stand trial” for “treason.”

State of Michigan Justice Minister Dana Nessel stated that seven other men, belonging to the small local group “Wolverine Watchmen,” were arrested and accused of planning “an operation to attack the Capitol (Congress building) and kidnap government officials, including the state governor.”

Nessel explained that these militants “issued threats of violence to launch a civil war,” stressing that this information scared her.

For her part, Gretchen Whitmer told a press conference, “When I swore the oath 22 months ago, I knew that work might be difficult. But honestly, I did not imagine this kind of thing happening.”

It accused President Donald Trump of “legitimizing” the actions of “homegrown terrorists”, especially by refusing to condemn white supremacists last week, during his debate with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

In a tweet, Trump did not express any sympathy for Whitmer.

“Instead of thanking me” for the FBI’s work, he wrote, “she describes me as a supporter of white supremacy.”

“I do not tolerate any major violence, and defending all Americans, even those who oppose or attack me, is what I do as your president,” he added.

The investigation began early this year when the Federal Police learned “on social media that a group of individuals is talking about the violent overthrow of some components of the government and security forces.”

The six arrested defendants accuse Whitmer of being “tyrannical” and exercising “power without control.”

In mid-March, Whitmer imposed the most stringent restrictions in the country to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in her northern state, which was one of the states most affected by the virus.



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