This is how Tim Hassan commented on demands to intervene to resolve a tribal conflict in Baalbek


A number of social media users demanded the intervention of “Sheikh of the Mountain” to resolve a bloody tribal conflict witnessed by Baalbek between “the Shams family” and “the Jaafar family”. During the last hours.

The owner of an account bearing the name Tony Maalouf, on the global blogging site “Twitter”, called “Sheikh of the Mountain” to intervene to resolve the conflict. Saying: “It became necessary to mediate between the Shams family and the Jaafar family before they used military aircraft. Lebanon will not carry it.”

The tweet received a quick response from the Syrian actor, Tim Hassan, who embodied the character “Sheikh of the Mountain” in the series “prestige”. Laird said: “You are honorable … our people and our tribes.”

Supportive tweets for Tim Hassan followed, and the account holder, Maen Zaid, commented. Saying: “By God, lead it and lead it. You are Mr. Tim. Good morning, O Lord.”

And the owner of the account that bore the name, Ikhlas Al-Adwan, demanded not to intervene in the case. He said: “Do not interfere with Tim in reality, because reality is different from acting, and Tim Cloe said his story is a series.”

It is noteworthy that the company producing the fourth part of the “prestige” series, which will be titled “The Prestige of Response”, will be shown in early November 2020.


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