Things that Apple did not disclose to its users about after the announcement of the iPhone 12 .. and experts warn of an important matter


Apple announced, on Tuesday, 4 new phones from the iPhone 12, all of which support the fifth generation 5G, and include new features, especially with regard to the camera, processor and rigidity.
The company said, that its new phone supports the fifth generation networks, which allows faster download and play of videos and games, but this technology is still only available in 50 cities in the world, and the number will increase to 60 cities by the end of this year.

With regard to the price of the new iPhone 12, it may seem at first glance relatively reasonable for $ 799, according to what Apple announced, but the price of the device may reach about $ 1,300 if we add additional storage space and wireless charger to it.
Apple said that the iPhone 12 mini, which comes with a 4.7-inch screen, is the smallest iPhone, in an effort to enable low-income groups to acquire it, and it comes at a price of $ 699.
In contrast, there are smartphones that surpass the iPhone 12 mini in its screen area, especially from its competitor Samsung, and at a lower price than that proposed by Apple, and its accuracy is higher.
The company explained that the glass in its new iPhone 12 is stronger than the glass of any other smartphone, especially in light of the suffering of many users from smashing their phone screens in minor accidents.
Experts criticized Apple for judging the durability of the screen before actually testing it by users, especially given that the same manufacturer of the KHI glass phone is the one that makes the glass for Samsung phones.
Technologists have warned users that they will not be able to share the videos on social media easily, as the video files will be in a different format than what is supported by Facebook and Twitter.


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