Their age is 215 years .. the end of the story “The oldest couple in the world”


According to local press reports, Mora passed away in his home in Quito, the capital EcuadorEarlier this week, to end the story of a historical marriage that entered the encyclopedia.GuinnessLast August.

About two months ago, Mora, his wife and Dramina Quinteros, both from Ecuador, booked a place in the World Records as the oldest surviving couple.

The total life of the couple was close to 215 years, and they obtained a “Guinness” certificate in mid-August as the oldest aging couple so far, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

Mora had disobeyed his parents’ wish to secretly marry Quinteros, whose parents also refused to marry, and they tied the knot on February 7, 1941.

The two spent 79 years as a married couple, during which they enjoyed good health, and they only missed meeting with the large family recently, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which limited visits.

Mora was born on March 10, 1910, while Quinteros was born on October 16, 1915, and they married in the first church built by the Spaniards in Quito, and the two retired teachers lived in the same city until now, knowing that they have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.


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