The world’s first encounter at the university in front of the agreement – Saudi News


Yesterday (Monday) the Al-Nasr Administration signed an official contract with the Saudi Al-Waseel Company to rent the King Saud University Stadium to host the matches of its football team for the duration of the ten-year contract. »With reference to the Al-Nasr Club account on the same social media site, Al-Wasail Company had earlier in July obtained the right to invest the stadium for a period of ten years. Mohammed bin Salman for professionals.Okaz learned from its sources that the Al-Nasr administration will not pay a direct financial compensation to the Saudi Al-Waseel Company, in exchange for the Al-Waseel Company to obtain public income and other rights related to the stadium during the coming period, and Al-Waseel Company will also invest the stadium in competitions and events other than football Provided that it does not conflict with the official victory matches.


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