The Voice Senior surpasses the audio stage with 16 talents my lady


The four teams of coaches have completed a program to discover singing talents The Voice Senior, In its first Arabic version, after the final episode of Al-Sowt stage was shown yesterday, and the four coaches Najwa Karam, Hani Shaker, Samira Saeed and Melhem Zein, accompanied by 16 talents, will move to the semi-final qualifying stage.

The Voice Senior enters the qualifying round

Wednesday’s episode witnessed the participation of the Lebanese-Armenian participant, Vikin Tarabinian, who explained how the program succeeded in returning him to his country, after moving to Paris since the outbreak of the Lebanon War. The first got a travel card to France, and as soon as he arrived in Paris, the war broke out. He did not return to Lebanon after that.

Vikin Tarpinian added that his life after arriving in France was difficult, so he started singing in the street, metro, cafes and restaurants, until in 1980 he presented his first private concert at the “Olympia” in Paris.

Vikin Tarabinian gave a performance in which he sang to Frank Sinatra, and Hani Shaker wrapped him up, then the contestant gave them a song that his daughter shared with him to sing, and after the show, it appeared that the contestant had difficulty speaking Arabic, so Hani Shaker made a deal with him to teach him Arabic in exchange for the contestant to teach him Armenian.

Contestant Nawal Comoros got bouquets of roses from coaches Hani Shaker, Samira Saeed, Najwa Karam and Melhem Zein, after the end of her show. Samira Saeed also made sure to decorate the contestant’s hair by putting a rose in it herself.

The participant recounted the details of one of the times she was beaten because of her love for singing and her desire to become a professional, and she said that at first she was playing a wooden guitar with strings of fishing wire, which won the admiration of her family.

Moroccan artist Abdel Rahim Soueiri was a surprise in the last episode of the stage of Al-Sout and began singing with the introduction of Mawal “Qawamak Fattan” from the Moroccan heritage, and the song “Bint Al Barah Wal Al Youm”, and all the members of the jury turned to him, but in the end he chose to join Najwa Karam’s team, Samira said. Said to the committee members that Abd al-Rahim Souiri is a singer who is everywhere in Morocco and sang in all his joys, and he is very well known and one of the voices they are proud of in Morocco.

The struggle over the kidnapping of Al-Sowairi witnessed a unique situation where Najwa Karam, the artist Melhem Zain, challenged her to read her palm, knowing the choice of Abd al-Rahim al-Suwairi in advance, and a joking link occurred between the two, and in the end Najwa Karam received al-Suwairi on the stage and kissed her hand, and sang to her “everything in it.” Beautiful is desired. ”In turn, Najwa Karam hung the flower for him in the pocket of her suit herself.

Safwan Abed, a music teacher who taught generations, also participated in the last episode and joined the team of Moroccan star Samira Said, after which Nadia Boushama joined the team of Melhem Zein.

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