The vaccine may not see the light


Tunisia warned of the aggravation of the situation caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus due to the increase in deaths and infections among its citizens, and while France returned to general closure and Germany tightened restrictions, Iran declared a “comprehensive war” on the epidemic, while a British official warned that the expected vaccine against the virus may not see the light .

In Tunisia, the Director-General of Health, Faisal Bensalah, said today, Wednesday, that the current indicators confirm the failure of the government measures that were taken two weeks ago, and included a night curfew in several governorates to limit the spread of the Corona virus, in light of the continued high number of infections and deaths recorded during the recent period.

Bensalah added that the epidemiological situation in Tunisia has become very dangerous, and that the material and logistical capabilities of government hospitals have become unable to keep up with the pace of the increase in injuries.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health spokeswoman Nassaf Ben Alaya also warned of the seriousness of the situation, with 2125 new injuries and 52 deaths recorded within two days, which raises the total number of injuries to 55 thousand and deaths to 1150, most of which were recorded after the border was opened at the end of last June.

While Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham El Mechichi appeared uncomfortable with the results of fighting the epidemic, the authorities have so far ruled out a return to general lockdown, although they are moving to impose further restrictions to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus, after recording an average of nearly 1500 infections per day recently.

In the Arab world, Jordan today recorded more than 3 thousand new infections and 32 deaths, and the outbreak of the epidemic had recently prompted the Jordanian authorities to impose restrictions that include night curfews and disrupting school hours.

In turn, Iraq today recorded more than 4 thousand injuries and 46 deaths, and while the infections remained at a high level in Morocco, the number of people infected with the virus decreased in most Gulf countries, like Qatar, which recorded 250 new infections, as well as the case in Algeria, Egypt and Sudan, while pictures I took showed Satellites for cemeteries in Aden, Yemen, the number of deaths in Corona is – most likely – much higher than what is officially announced.

A doctor follows the case of a person infected with corona in a hospital in the French city of Van (Reuters)

Restrictions in Europe
In Europe, which recorded a 40% jump in the number of infections within a week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced today that, starting next Monday and for a month, restaurants and entertainment and cultural institutions will be closed as part of new restrictions to confront the second wave of the epidemic.

Merkel had said that action should be taken immediately to avoid a nationwide health emergency.

In France, which last Sunday recorded a record daily toll of more than 50,000 injuries, French President Emmanuel Macron announced this evening in a speech to the people to impose a general closure again, starting from this Friday, and announced a set of measures including preventing movement between regions, closing restaurants and bars, and generalizing work. Remotely.

Macron warned that 400,000 additional deaths would be recorded if no action was taken now to contain the epidemic.

Macron’s decisions come after the imposition of a series of measures, including curfews, in most parts of the country last week.

In the context, French Prime Minister Jean Castex warned that the intensive care units in France will reach their maximum capacity by 11 November if no action is taken to limit the spread of the epidemic.

In the face of recording record numbers of infections with the Coronavirus, Italy imposed a curfew a few days ago in several major regions, and imposed restrictions targeting gathering places such as restaurants and bars, which sparked violent protests.

In Spain, which imposed similar restrictions recently, most public health doctors launched a general strike today to demand greater recognition of their role.

While Belgium today counted more than 5,000 new cases of the virus, the Czech Republic imposed a one-week night curfew to curb the rapid spread of the epidemic.

According to the latest data published by the World Health Organization, Europe recorded 1.3 million new cases in the past seven days, which is nearly half the number of cases recorded around the world and the number was about 3 million, in addition to more than 11 thousand and 700 deaths An increase of 37% over the previous week.

Injuries globally
Globally, 500,000 new cases of corona were recorded today, raising the total to 44.5 million injured, of whom one million and 176 thousand died, while 32.6 million recovered.

In other regions of the world, the Corona virus continues to spread at a high rate in the United States and India, while the rate of infections is declining in Brazil, which is among the countries most affected by the epidemic.

In Iran, which recorded a record death toll of 415 today, a spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health said that her country is fighting an all-out war on the epidemic, noting that all these deaths were recorded in one day as a result of an unprecedented increase in injuries and hospitalizations in the past weeks.

Confirming her statements, Iranian state television said today that a person dies of corona every 3 minutes in the country.

In India, which has so far recorded more than 8 million injuries, millions of Indians today went to polling stations to cast their votes in parliamentary elections in the state of Bihar, and many ignored the government’s advice on wearing masks and respecting social distancing in crowded polling stations.

Corona Vaccine
Meanwhile, Keith Bingham, the chair of the British vaccine task force, questioned the efficacy of the potential vaccines being developed to treat people with coronavirus.

Bingham called not to be overly optimistic, and said in an article published in the medical journal “Lancet” that an effective vaccine against Corona may never be developed.

She said early versions of vaccines being developed may have flaws.

The British official explained that these vaccines may not prevent infection with the virus, but may only reduce its symptoms.

Kate Bingham also warned that the first versions of vaccines may not be suitable for all infected people.

The comments of the head of the British Vaccine Task Force come at a time when some experimental vaccines are facing difficulties after the death or illness of volunteers.


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