The UAE anticipates the future of e-commerce after the pandemic – the economic – the local market


Pinar reviewed the hybrid “e-commerce”, which was organized by the “Small and Medium Enterprise Owners Talk” initiative, under the title “E-commerce after Covid 19 … a new era, new trends”, the future of e-commerce in the UAE, and ways to enhance the operating micro, small and medium enterprises In this field, the importance of government and private initiatives in support of home commerce, and retail stores for the transition to digital transformation.

The Ubinar, which came under the auspices of the Emirates Trade Center and presented by Walid Hareb Al Falahi, CEO of Dubai Consulting, included the participation of Mohsen Ahmed, Executive Director of the Logistics Zone in “Dubai South”, Fahim Al Zubaidi, CEO and co-founder of the “kiosks” e-commerce platform, and Sarmad Al Zadjali, CEO. To Tawseel, talk about the importance of e-commerce and the most prominent economic sectors operating in this field, and its role in motivating entrepreneurs to enter the world of trade, in light of its low operational value, in addition to highlighting the impact of e-commerce on purchasing behavior Of people, and its role in the growth and expansion of companies in many countries.


Walid Hareb Al Falahi indicated that the volume of e-commerce in the UAE reached 59 billion dirhams at the end of 2019, and this type of trade is expected to achieve growth by more than 600% by the end of this year, and the government’s adoption of e-commerce payments on the platforms, and the tremendous growth thereof. In other categories, such as the fast-service restaurant sector and the transportation sector, it is the main engine for the preservation of e-commerce in the UAE, its pioneering position and its growing role, especially in light of the positive results it achieves for both producers and consumers, noting that the Coronavirus crisis, It has strengthened the importance of e-commerce, as it has become a safe haven for small and medium-sized commercial companies, to enhance their presence in the markets, and from here, the organization of this event will explore the future of e-commerce in the UAE, highlighting the importance of this type of trade and its role in the development of companies.


For his part, Mohsen Ahmed, Executive Director of the Logistics District in “Dubai South”, said that the UAE is consolidating its position as an ideal center for e-commerce around the world, based on its strategic position, which enables it to serve the global e-commerce market, in the wake of the steady growth of online shopping in the country and the region. The Middle East, noting that the e-commerce zone «e. costume. Dubai, which is affiliated with the logistics zone in “Dubai South”, seeks to support the pioneers of e-commerce and retailers, by providing a suitable work environment that includes a range of business solutions designed for startups and small and medium enterprises, innovation laboratories and business incubators, and providing an advanced work mechanism. For the activities and logistical services, thanking the initiative “Small and Medium Entrepreneur Talk”, for organizing this event, which contributes to enhancing societal awareness of the concept of e-commerce, ways of success for entrepreneurs in this sector, and identifying developments and developments related to the subject of e-commerce and their implications.

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Fahim Al-Zubaidi, CEO and founding partner of the e-commerce kiosk platform, indicated that the retail sector is witnessing a great development, especially in light of technological and digital advancements, so that e-commerce has a major role in this sector, given its advantages in terms of speed of delivery and the diversity of methods. Paying and comparing goods in record time, noting the term home trade, which is witnessing remarkable growth in the UAE, in light of the advanced smart platforms provided by the government, employing them optimally to support economic and social development, and serving community members in the field of starting home trade projects, indicating in In this regard, “kiosks” recently launched the first Emirati digital platform for e-commerce, with the aim of collecting, marketing and selling products of home-based businesses and individual projects, within a unified digital platform.


Sarmad Al Zadjali, CEO of Tawseel, which operates in the restaurant delivery services sector, talked about the company’s experience in the field of delivery services provided to customers, and its keenness to enhance its competitiveness in this commercial sector, as it is witnessing an unprecedented growth, as a result of the high level of purchase orders from Through an intermediary, in order to save time and effort for clients, noting that the growing interest of investors in the customer services sector indicates confidence in the business environment in the Emirate of Sharjah, and in the future of its sectors that continue to grow in safety and stability, due to the opportunities for growth, expansion and partnerships that their markets provide.



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