The two presidential candidates are moving their electoral battle to “the rising sun”


With Election Day approaching, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, worked yesterday, Thursday, to polarize supporters in the crucial state of Florida, and a few hours separated their campaigning activities as they presented their different approaches to tackling the Corona virus pandemic to voters. And Florida, which has a total of 29 electoral votes, is of great importance in the elections that will take place next Tuesday, and a new poll by Reuters / Ipsos shows that Trump and Biden are tied.

As the COVID-19 disease caused by infection with the Coronavirus has spread across the country, Trump attended an outdoor public meeting in Tampa. Trump’s meetings in recent days have witnessed the participation of thousands of them, many of whom did not wear masks, despite the recommendations of the public health authorities.

As for Biden, he held an open public meeting in which the participants would remain in their cars in Tampa. He later hosted a similar event in Broward County, South Florida.

Polls show Biden is significantly ahead of Trump nationwide, but the lead is smaller in swing states.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a Reuters / Ipsos poll showed that Trump tied with Biden in Florida, with the latter winning 49 percent of the participants, and Trump with 47 percent.

More voters said Biden was better positioned to tackle the pandemic, 48 to 42 percent, while Trump had 52 percent support in the economy, and Biden had 41 percent support.

the crisis

On Thursday, Trump focused on new government data on gross domestic product during the third quarter as the economy tries to recover what it lost earlier in the Hajj year at the height of the pandemic.

While the numbers are expected to show a record jump in growth compared to the disastrous performance in the second quarter of the year, economists have warned that there is still a long way to go for recovery.

A Trump election campaign official said the president intends to return to the Midwest on Friday, to continue advertising in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In the last week of the propaganda campaign, the President plans to visit ten states, and in the last 48 hours, he will attend 11 public meetings.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Biden attacked, after receiving information from public health officials, what he described as the Trump administration’s neglect of safety standards and its failure to develop a plan to contain the pandemic.

“The longer he stays in power, the more reckless he is,” Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. After meeting via video link with a group of health experts, the former Democratic Vice President denounced the billionaire’s Republican performance in managing the Covid-19 crisis. The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, with more than 227,000 deaths. Biden said in a brief speech to a number of journalists that “the Trump administration’s refusal to acknowledge the reality we live in, as nearly a thousand Americans die every day, constitutes an insult to every person who suffers from Covid-19, and every family has lost a loved one.”

At a theater in Wilmington, he wanted to present himself as a realistic candidate against a Republican president who had promised that the virus would disappear as a “miracle”. “I’m not running on the wrong promise that I will magically stop this pandemic, but what I can promise you is to do what needs to be done,” Biden said. We will let science guide us in our decisions. ”

On the other hand, Trump accused Biden of wanting to impose new lockdown measures across the country, affecting the economy further.

For several days, Trump has appeared disturbed by the intense attention he says is focusing on the epidemic. “Covid, Covid, Covid is the unified anthem of false media,” he wrote in a tweet, adding, “This will be their only topic until the fourth of November,” that is, the day after the due date. “Joe Biden talks a lot, but he does nothing,” he told reporters in Las Vegas.

Hours later, from Arizona, he mocked, as he usually does, the excessive wearing of masks for political ends. “In California, you cannot remove the muzzle in any way,” adding, “You must eat food through the muzzle, it is a very complicated mechanism.”

After Tampa, Trump will travel to North Carolina, another hotly-contested state, for an evening meeting in Vitville.

As for Biden, he will travel to Wisconsin on Friday and participate in publicity with former President Barack Obama in Michigan on Saturday, according to his campaign. Trump’s victory in both states in 2016 contributed to his arrival at the White House. (Agencies)


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