The test of European-Russian “Exomars” probe parachutes has been postponed to next November


The test of the parachute system of the Russian-European “Axomars-2022” probe has been postponed to next November due to the spread of the second wave of the Corona epidemic “Covid-19” in the world, as announced by the head of the European Space Agency branch in Moscow, Rene Bichel, who said that the parachute test The “Exomars-2022” mission is to be planned in mid-November in Oregon, USA, indicating that the test was first planned in early October at a high altitude above the ground.

It is noteworthy that in August 2019, the European Space Agency conducted a test of the parachutes of the probe “Exomars-2022”, which completely failed to interrupt the ropes of one of the parachutes after leaving the container, and the European Agency then conducted consultations with NASA, then changes were made in the design of the parachute system, What led to the success of its ground test, according to Russia Today.

It is worth noting that he was first planning to launch the second phase of the “Exomars” mission in 2018, then its launch was postponed to 2020 due to technical conditions, and then the mission was postponed to 2022 due to the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic in the world, and the second phase of the “Exomars” project is spent. The Russian side produces a platform that lands on Mars, while the European side manufactures the probe and the rover.

As for the first phase of the “Exomars” project, it failed in 2016, after the European space station was destroyed minutes before it landed on the surface of Mars. As for the orbiting probe of the mission, which orbits around Mars, it is still working so far in the orbit of the Red Planet and sending Scientific information back to Earth.


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