The story of love for the Seljuk Renaissance, episode 5, translated into Arabic, on the story of the love of the Seljuk Renaissance 25 series


The series “Renaissance of the Seljuks”, episode 5, is published, translated into Arabic by the Google search engine, and it won a large number of views today, Monday, which verified many Turkish series that are shown at the same time. Many events of excitement and history took place in Episode 5 of the Seljuk Renaissance.

The Seljuk Renaissance series, episode 5, on the story of love

The Seljuk Renaissance Episode 5 series dealt with exciting events, a meeting between the king of Shah and Imam al-Ghazali for the first time, and the occurrence of exciting and interesting events, including the brotherhood struggle for power and the interesting events that bring together the king of Shah and Toruna, and the Seljuk Renaissance series sheds light on the conflict between the Seljuk state and Hassan. Sabah, the leader of the Assassins, is a great military and political leader called Sheikh of the Mountain.

The historical series Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu embodies one of the periods of the Seljuk state and deals with the conflicts and conspiracies that occurred during the reign of Sultan Malik Shah, who will be the hero of the historical series in that era, and the series bears the name of the world system. Seljuk, who was called the Just Sultan, and was victorious in warfare, and was fond of architecture and hunting.

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The date of the presentation of the series “The Seljuk Renaissance,” episode 5

The date of the series The Seljuk Renaissance, Episode 5, is shown on the Turkish channel TRT 1 every Monday every week, where the episode 5 of the Seljuk Renaissance series will be shown on Monday, October 26, 2020 of this year at eight in the evening Turkish time

The series “The Resurrection of the Bones Seljuk,” which reached Episode 5, came at a stage witnessing the activity of historical Turkish series, such as the Resurrection of Osman series, the Barbaros series and the “Great Turks” movie, where the new Turkish series succeeded in intense competition with all the historical Turkish series and other series, as the Seljuk Renaissance series won 10 million views In the presentation of his first episode after the participation of the Turkish artist, Gorkan Uygun, the famous famous actor named Memati, who appeared in the series Valley of the Wolves.

The heroes of the Seljuk Renaissance series

The Seljuk Renaissance series includes a large group of Turkish artists who have appeared in their previous series, where a group of the most famous Turkish stars participate in the series, including the hero of the series, Bora Ulusoy, who will embody the role of Sultan Malik Shah, and the artist Gorkan Uygun known in the Arab world as “Memati”, where he will embody a character Hassan Sabah, as the artist Akin Kutch embodies the character of Sultan Ahmed Sanger, who is the sixth Sultan and the last of the great Seljuk Sultans, as well as the artist Khadija Shandil, who plays the role of Turkan Khatun, the most powerful Seljuk state, and other artists such as Jamal Toktas, Sivda Argenji, Ilker also participate. Kazamaz, Osman Sonant, and Muhammad Ozgur.

The historical Turkish drama witnessed wide activity in 2020 and in the presentation of historical series and films that achieved great success, as it met with a large turnout of millions among Arab viewers.

You can follow the variety section on the Al-Nahda News website and watch all the episodes of the Seljuk Renaissance series and Episode 5 since the beginning of the first part of the exciting historical Turkish series.

Source: TRT 1


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