The stability of the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound … today


settle down dollar price The American side, against the Egyptian pound, at the beginning of today’s trading, Tuesday, October 27, 2020, in banks operating in the local market.

The official price announced by the Central Bank, for a dollar, was about 15.64 pounds for purchase, 15.76 pounds for sale, while the average selling price was about 15.65 pounds for purchase, 15.75 pounds.

وجل dollar price, About 15.65 pounds to buy, 15.75 pounds for sale, in the banks of the National Bank of Egypt, Egypt, and Cairo.

The price of the dollar, in the Commercial International Bank – Egypt, was about 15.65 pounds for purchase, 15.75 pounds for sale.

The price of the US dollar had witnessed a state of stability against the Egyptian pound during a period of more than two months, before it rose by 11 piasters during the third week of last May’s transactions.

Worship Foreign currency ratesCollectively, against the Egyptian pound, in banks on Tuesday, the dollar index rose during the week, as two vaccine trials were temporarily suspended, and talks about financial stimulus in the United States faltered, weakening market sentiment. The Pound fell after Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the UK would be forced to leave the European Union without a deal, saying there would be no further trade or security talks unless the EU adopts a “fundamental change in approach”.

The euro fell as well as gold on the back of the dollar’s rise, and as the MSCI EM index fell slightly, to end the week’s trading, down by 0.07%.

And US Treasury bonds rose during the week as talks stalled over the adoption of fiscal stimulus packages and the numbers of coronavirus infections spiked again around the world.

Current market rates reflect a 4.8% probability that the Federal Reserve will cut rates by the end of the year, unchanged from last week.


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