“The situation is getting out of control” .. Europe is suffering in the face of Corona


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that her country is close to losing control of its battle against the Corona virus.

Merkel’s statements came during a meeting with her colleagues from the Christian Democratic Union, where she told the attendees that the coming months are very difficult to confront the spread of the virus.

Merkel’s statements come at a time when European countries have re-imposed new restrictions in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, after recording record numbers of infections, which are still rising.

The World Health Organization has expressed its concern about the deteriorating health situation in Europe, and Dr. Mike Ryan, a WHO emergency specialist, said that this is due to the weak ability to contain the virus and track the infected and contact.

This coincides with the warning of several officials in Europe about the shortage of hospital beds, amid the high number of injuries, and the number of deaths exceeded 250 thousand in Europe and 1.1 million in the world.

Italy, which imposed a new curfew and closed gyms, swimming pools and cinemas, has become the latest country to witness angry demonstrations in protest against anti-Corona measures.

On Monday night, demonstrations took place in Turin, Milan and Trieste in the north, Rome, Naples and Catania in the south, and clashes took place between protesters and police in Rome and Naples at the end of last week, at a time when the government of Giuseppe Conte pledged to support the affected companies.

In France, the head of the scientific council that advises the government, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, said the real number of injuries in the country was probably twice the official figure.

The rise in the number of infections prompted France to declare a state of emergency this month and impose tougher restrictions since last September, and Dr. Eric Kaums of the Petit Salpetriere Hospital in Paris said the country needs to close again and the virus is out of control.

Spain has become the first country to record more than a million cases of infection, and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the country is facing a very difficult situation, and declared a new state of emergency last Sunday, with a curfew imposed in some times and regions.

The Belgians were told that this week is very important to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and a series of new restrictions have entered into force in one of the European countries most affected by the epidemic.

Belgian officials said hospital beds could become full of infected people within 15 days, with an average of 467 people being admitted every day, an 85% increase over the previous one.

Of the 5,000 new patients in Belgium, more than 750 of them are in intensive care, and Yves van Lethem, a spokesman for the Corona Crisis Center, said that it is likely that the number of cases will reach 2,000 in intensive care within two weeks, and this is the maximum capacity of hospitals.

In Norway, Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced new measures to combat the Corona virus after the recent rise in the number of infections, including imposing stricter rules on private gatherings and social distancing.

The scenario is similar outside Europe in many countries such as Iran and Mexico, where there are warnings about the inability of hospitals to accommodate.

Last Sunday, the Mexican health authorities acknowledged that the true number of deaths in the country due to Corona is much higher than previously thought, saying that there were more than 193,000 additional deaths as of September 26.

In Russia, the number of daily infections rose to a record high of 17,347 on Monday, as the Kremlin said that the epidemic began to cause more losses outside the capital, Moscow.

The authorities say that Russia has enough hospital beds and medicines to cope with the second wave of Corona, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that more efforts are needed to deal with the increasing number of cases.


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