The series The Pit, Season 4, Episode 8, subtitled on the story of Love of the Pit, Episode 100 interesting events


The research increased on the series The Pit, Episode 8, Season 4, translated on the Hikayat Love and Love Story website, where we provided you with episode 8 of the series The Pit, subtitled in high quality and with a direct link. You can watch the series The Pit Season 4 Episode 8 of the famous Turkish immediately.

The series of the hole, episode 8, season four

Many exciting and shocking events took place in the series The Pit, Episode 8 VIII, Part IV, which will be shown on the Turkish show TV channel, and among the most prominent of them was Yamash’s success in thwarting the trap of Genghis Ardenet, which he set up to kill all Yamash sisters and dry his offspring. Yamash and the implementation of the pit neighborhood Yamash scheme in the kidnapping of Ogdai son of Genghis Ardenet.

In episode 8 of the series The Pit, Part IV and Episode 100 of the famous Mafia series, the return of the character of Chatai to lead the country of the Jordanian family in order to take revenge on Jumali and the pit who killed his brother, who himself has avenged the killing of his unborn son. And his excitement, which we have become accustomed to in the first part, the second part and the third part, where the scenes of action, drama, clash and confrontation returned in Episode 11 of the series The Pit.

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Yamash also revealed the identity of Nadim, who works in the Al-Hufrah coffee district, where Yamash searches for Nadim’s official and with whom Yamash works, as many expect that Nadim will work with Jumali Kosovali, the brother of Idris Kosovali.

Exciting events also took place in the series The Pit, Part IV, where the Afghani Rashid Fadlallah returned and met with Genghis Ardnet, as new strings began to unfold from the series The Pit, Part IV, where the enemies of Genghis wanted to meet with each other.

And it came from the events of the series The Pit, Part Four, the killing of Arik Ardnet by Jumali Kosovali, where Arik Ardenet attacks the pit and attacks her youth while playing soccer inside the football stadium in the neighborhood, and Yamash directs a weapon at the head of Genghis Ardenet, where Yamash tries to kill Genghis Ardnet until he finds the hole From his danger and get rid of him, but Genghis Jordan reveals Yamash’s plan to kill him, and Genghis makes Yamash wear a shield against bullets and shoot him so that these bullets are a warning to him.

The date of the presentation of the series pit fourth

The series The Pit, Part Four, Episode 8, is shown every Monday at 8:00 pm Turkish time on the Turkish show tv channel.

Al-Nahda News website monitors you the episodes of the series The Pit, Part IV, Episode 8, where you can watch the series The Pit, through our website, translated into Arabic through the Love Story website, where the series The Pit, Part Four, Episode 8, is published in the search engine in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, reaping millions of views and has become among the most views in Saudi Arabia and within The trend.

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