The secret of the shock that made the heroine of the series “Diary Wanis” decide to retire immediately


Tuesday, 10-27-2020
08:27 AM
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Today, artist Aida Abdel Aziz celebrates her 90th birthday, amid a life full of artworks.Aida Abdel Aziz has participated in many artistic works, especially in the drama, where she is famous for participating in the series “Diary and Nice”, “Conscience of Abla Hikmat”, “Egyptian papers” and “Queen in Exile”.

In 2013 her husband died and her only love was director Ahmed Abdel Halim in Germany, where she entered a state of severe depression and stopped acting completely, but artist Yahya Al-Fakharani encouraged her to return to art again through the series “Lahfa” and then disappeared again.


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