The Saudi Debt Management Center wins the best award in the Middle East and North Africa


direct: The National Center for Debt Management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won the award for Best Sovereign Debt Office in the Middle East and North Africa issued by Global Markets.

It was also crowned with two “Global Capital” bond awards for the year 2020 AD as the best sovereign source of debt instruments in the Middle East, and the best source of debt instruments in emerging markets, according to the Saudi news agency “SPA”, today, Sunday.

The CEO of the National Center for Debt Management, Fahad Al-Saif, expressed his happiness with this national achievement, which reflects the center’s performance during the year 2020 AD, and its endurance of unprecedented levels of market and commodity fluctuations, and the instability of the global economy, especially in light of the unprecedented repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

Al-Saif explained the Kingdom’s efforts to mitigate the financial and economic repercussions of the pandemic, and to maintain the stability of the economic situation, indicating that the center has provided and developed various financing methods to support the Kingdom’s financial goals, including a number of initiatives related to the local debt market, which was the main financing channel during the pandemic.

The center has also strengthened the role of alternative government financing during this exceptional phase, as the center’s ability to quickly respond to the fluctuations of the global economic situation and take decisions in unstable conditions is due to the support of the Ministry of Finance and the policies that His Excellency the Minister of Finance Muhammad Al-Jadaan has taken to confirm the stability of the situation Economic Kingdom of the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the National Debt Management Center’s role is to secure the Kingdom’s financing needs at the best possible costs in the short, medium and long terms, with risks consistent with the Kingdom’s financial policies, and to achieve the Kingdom’s sustainable access to various global markets at fair pricing.


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