The return of “Corona” is plummeting in stocks … and “Dow” loses 800 points – the economic – the world today


Global stock indices plunged, due to the record jump in Corona injuries in America and Europe, and the re-tightening of closure restrictions by several European countries.

US stock indices fell sharply during trading, and the Dow Jones index fell more than 2.8%, or 805 points, to 27,529 thousand points, in the worst performance in two months. Standard & Poor’s fell by 2.3% to 3,386 points, and the Nasdaq retreated. 0.8%, to 11460 points.

The red color dominated the components of the Dow Jones, and all of the 30 stocks that made up the index witnessed a decline. For its part, European stock indices fell by about 2% during trading, with the technology sector losses amid the acceleration of the Corona injuries rate around the world. Finance in Europe negatively affected the technology sector’s losses, which amounted to 7.4% at the end of yesterday’s session.

The “Stoxx” index fell 1.8%, or 6.5 points, to 355.9 points. The British “FTSE 100” index decreased by 1.2% (-68.3 points) to 5792 points, while the German “DAX” index decreased by 3.7% (-468.6 points). ) To 12.177 thousand points, while the French “CAC” index fell 1.9% (-93.5 points) to 4,816.1 points. Japanese stocks fell.

Where the Nikkei index fell 0.09%, to 23,494.34 points, while the broader Topix index fell 0.39%, to record 1618.98 points. The losses included nearly two-thirds of the thirty-three sectors of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, especially services and brokerage, and financial companies in general.



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