The price of the euro in Egypt today, Monday, October 26, 2020


The exchange rate of the euro rose against the Egyptian pound in terms of buying, while the selling price stabilized during morning trading, Monday, October 26, 2020.

The exchange rate of the euro against the Egyptian pound in the Central Bank of Egypt was about 18.564 pounds for purchase, and 18.689 pounds for sale.

In the National Bank of Egypt (the largest government bank), the euro exchange rate rose, recording 18.52 pounds for purchase, while the selling price settled at 18.68 pounds, which is the same price in Banque Misr (governmental).

Egypt was among the 40 largest economies in the world in 2019, according to international data.

Egypt’s gross domestic product continues to grow substantially, supported by a strong economy amid the implementation of sustainable development plans.

The total GDP in Egypt in 2019 was about 300 billion US dollars.

The price of the dollar and sterling

The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound in the Central Bank of Egypt scored about 15.654 pounds for purchase, and 15.754 pounds for sale.

As for the price of the sterling, it was recorded at 20.426 pounds for purchase, and 20,548 pounds for sale, on the screens of the Central Bank of Egypt.

Real, dirham and dinar prices

According to the screens of the National Bank of Egypt, the price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound recorded about 4,086 pounds for purchase, and 4,199 pounds for sale, while the price of the Emirati dirham was about 4,238 pounds for purchase, and 4,288 pounds for sale, and the price of the Kuwaiti dinar recorded about 48,814 pounds for purchase, And 51,546 pounds for sale.


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