The price of the dollar in Egypt today, Saturday, October 10, 2020



Al Ain News
For the third day in a row, the average price of the dollar in Egypt stabilized against the pound, in today’s trading, at exchange companies and exchange machines, amid a lull in demand.

Saturday is an official holiday in Egyptian banks.

The price of the dollar in the Central Bank of Egypt decreased to 15.66 pounds for purchase and 15.76 pounds for sale, compared to 15.68 pounds for purchase and 15.78 pounds for sale last Wednesday.

The Egyptian currency market is witnessing a great stability, after a successive decline in the dollar, according to a survey conducted by “Al-Ain News”, on the dollar prices of 29 banks operating in Egypt.

Reserve height

The Central Bank of Egypt announced that Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves rose to $ 38.425 billion last September, compared to $ 38.366 billion at the end of last August.

Foreign reserves in Egypt have continued their successive rise since June, in a trend that confirms the ability of the Egyptian economy to regain the momentum it achieved before the Corona pandemic, as well as the ability of the Egyptian pound to continue its decline against the dollar.

The highest dollar rate

The highest price for the dollar came at 15.68 pounds for purchase and 15.78 pounds for sale in 5 banks, which are Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, National Kuwait, Greece’s National Bank, Egypt Export Development, and Egypt Iran Development.

Lowest dollar rate

The lowest price for the dollar came at 15.66 pounds for purchase and 15.76 pounds for sale in 11 banks, including Al-Tijaria International, Alexandria, Suez Canal, Egyptian Al-Aqari, Al-Ahly United, HSBC, The United Bank, the International Arab Bank and the Arab African Bank.

Dominant price

The price of 15.67 pounds for purchase and 15.77 pounds for sale over the dollar dominated 13 banks, including Al-Ahly of Egypt, Banque Misr, Cairo, Al-Baraka, Credit Agricole, Emirates NBD, Bloom Egypt, Odeh, Arab Investment and Al-Mashreq.

The price of the euro and sterling

The euro scored 18.37 pounds for purchase and 18.58 pounds for sale in the National Bank of Egypt, while the sterling exchange rate reached 20.13 pounds for purchase and 20.38 pounds for sale.

Real, dirham, and dinar prices

The Saudi riyal recorded 4.09 pounds for purchase and 4.20 pounds for sale, in the National Bank, while the exchange rate of the Emirati dirham was 4.24 pounds for purchase and 4.29 pounds for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar recorded 48.76 pounds for purchase and 51.54 pounds for sale, on the screen of the National Bank.


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