The Nice attack poses a “serious challenge” to the French president, and concerns for the safety of Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul


We start with the Guardian newspaper, which published an analytical article by journalist Jason Burke about the Nice attack and its connection to the events that occurred during the past few days.

The author of the article believes that the attack is a serious challenge to French President Emmanuel Macron, as he promised to launch a campaign against what he described as “Islamic extremism”, including closing mosques and other institutions accused of inciting extremism and violence.

Macron said that France is “fighting an existential war against Islamic extremist ideologies and separatism.”

The author recalls a series of attacks that took place yesterday, including a stabbing incident outside the building of the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia and an attempted attack by a man armed with a knife on policemen in the French city of Avignon.


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