The new modified Rio will appear in Russia and some countries soon


youtube/KIA Motors Belarus

Some websites have leaked pictures and information about the new Rio X cars that Kia is seeking to introduce in the Russian market and some world markets soon.

Looking at the leaked photos, we note that the expected Rio X came with a hatchback body that gives it the specifications of a family car, and it carried noticeable modifications compared to the Rio X-Line cars that appeared this year.

And the new car changed the shapes of the headlights, as it got a distinctive bump extending downwards, as in the modern “Style” versions of Rio, and these vehicles were provided with a more prominent front grille, and the design of the air vents, the design of the fog lamp frames and the design of the shock absorbers were changed.

These vehicles are equipped with 15-inch wheels, steering wheel heating systems and two rows of seats, in addition to 6 air safety bags to protect all passengers during accidents, ABS systems for brakes, a camera and distance sensors that can be controlled via a touch screen on the front of the command.

The new modified Rio will appear in Russia and some countries soon


It will also launch versions with a heating feature of the windshield in the winter, electrical systems for automatic mirrors folding when parking the vehicle, and electrical systems with memory that save several modes suitable for passengers and the car driver.

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It is assumed that these vehicles will be available with 1.4 and 1.6 liter petrol engines, which consume 6 to 7 liters of fuel on average for every 100 km the car travels, and that they will have automatic 6-speed gearboxes.

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