The names of Barcelona stars who refused to reduce salaries revealed


Spanish press reports today reveal the names of those who refused to reduce salaries in Barcelona and their counterparts who accepted.

Today, Spanish press reports revealed the names of the stars Barcelona Those who accepted salary cuts for the second time since the start of the Corona pandemic.

This came according to “Radio Catalunya”, which confirmed that only three players had accepted the idea of ​​reducing salaries again.

The radio indicated that the trio is goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, midfield star Frenkie de Jong, as well as Clémon Longlé, the team’s defender.

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The radio reported that the stars of the first team sent an official letter by fax to the club, informing the management of their categorical rejection of the idea of ​​reducing salaries again.

All Barcelona stars signed this letter, in protest of the management policy of the Catalan club, except for the three previously mentioned.

Previous press reports had confirmed that the Barcelona administration was seeking to reduce the salaries of the first team again by up to 30%.

It is worth noting that the club members are now on their way to withdraw confidence from the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu, and are awaiting the approval of the government in Catalonia to hold the final vote, which requires the presence of 10% of the club’s members and that the president and his council be rejected by two-thirds until confidence is withdrawn.


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