“The most specific symptom of the disease” … Scientists warn of a fourth major sign of Covid-19


A team of researchers has found that the risk of death with the emerging corona virus is ten times higher for people with Down syndrome compared to people without disabilities, according to the networkCNNAmerican.

The team also found that those suffering from the syndrome are four times more likely to be admitted to hospital as a result of complications from the virus than others.

In the research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, the team concluded that people with Down syndrome are not strategically protected from complications of the virus.

Their analysis included more than 8 million adults who were part of a virus risk assessment project sponsored by the British government.

Of the 8.26 million people in the study, 4,053 had Down syndrome. Of these, 40 percent died from Corona.

These numbers compare with the more than 41,000 people without Down syndrome who died, but only 20% of them died from Corona.

Due to the association of Down syndrome with immune defects, congenital heart failure, and pulmonary diseases, the team warned that it may be one of the factors that double the risk of the Corona virus.

National Down Syndrome Association President and CEO Candi Picard said her group is grateful that the study focused on the impact of Corona on people with the syndrome.

“Since the start of the epidemic, we have been concerned about our society, especially given the complex medical history of many of our loved ones,” said Pickard. “This latest study confirms our concerns.”

Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition that is diagnosed in the United States every year, according to the CDC, with more than 6,000 children born with it each year. Down syndrome occurs in 1 in 700 children.

More than 42,262,290 people around the world have been infected with Covid-19, and the virus has killed at least 1,145,847 people in the world since the outbreak was reported in China at the end of December.

The World Health Organization said Friday that the northern hemisphere is facing a critical moment in combating the Corona pandemic, as a large number of countries are witnessing a steady increase in the number of infections.


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