The Minister of Health: There has been no reduction in the number of cases in Corona, despite the closure of some regions


The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, pointed out that “the number of Corona infections is still high and has not decreased despite the partial closure of some areas, and society in various Lebanese regions must be urged to be more committed and take more care and caution, especially that we are at the gates of winter and the danger of symptoms.” Respiratory system is increasing. ”

Hassan’s words came during his presidency, the meeting of the scientific committee at the Ministry of Public Health to follow up on the evaluation of the epidemiological curve, in the presence of the head of the committee, Dr. Walid Ammar, head of the preventive medicine department in the ministry, Dr. General Dr. Rasha Hamra, Director of the E-Health Program, Lina Abu Murad. The head of the WHO technical team, Dr. Elissar Rady, the head of the epidemiological surveillance program at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Nada Ghosn, and the specialist doctors Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri, Nadine Yared, Wafaa Jarij, Joseph Rushkidi and Nada Melhem also participated remotely.

Hassan said, “The meeting of the scientific committee focused on the following six points:

– Raise a recommendation on behalf of the Scientific Committee to the National Committee to combat the Corona epidemic to close the neighborhoods of some major cities, including the capital, because the source of infection is sometimes in the city before the infection spreads to the countryside and not vice versa, pointing to the importance of adopting the number of infected people who live in the city and not Those registered in the civil registry office for each town or city, “stressing” the necessity to reduce the number of injuries, “stressing that” the issue is directly related to the performance of the citizen, which allows responding to the demands of the economic, commercial and tourism sectors to not resort to partial or general closures. ”

– The containment phase has been exceeded with the increase in the daily number of injuries, and the Ministry of Health can no longer conduct tests for samples directed to contacts from the first, second, third and fourth rounds, so we invite contacts to initiate on their own initiative to adhere to the mandatory home quarantine and to take responsibility for Themselves and towards their community, provided that the Ministry of Public Health continues, amongst its capabilities, inspection campaigns for targeted samples.

– Those who have a positive PCR test and stays at home without symptoms for ten days, can then gradually return to his normal life while taking the necessary precautions. As for those who suffer from symptoms, they must wait for their disappearance for at least ten days and then stay in quarantine for three additional days without symptoms, without the need to repeat the PCR examination because this leads to the calculation of additional cases of infection and fallacies of reality so that the name of the person himself is recorded. Twice leads to errors and higher numbers by two to five percent. ”

– The need to apply the approved protocol for the use of Remdesivir, because there are specific directives by the World Health Organization to use it and it leads to side effects and is not suitable for all patients, as well as its cost is exorbitant. ”Minister Hassan confirmed that“ there are regulations in the Ministry of Public Health that show how Disbursing the amount of Remdesivir that the ministry received, with the direct signature of those concerned who received the medicine free of charge from various Lebanese regions.

With regard to the vaccine against Corona, work is done on three levels. The first level: reserving a quantity of vaccine via Kovacs to cover twenty percent of the Lebanese citizens. The second level: Contact is made with Pfizer to conclude an agreement with them in order to increase the coverage rate of the Lebanese with the vaccine, noting that the company confirms that the vaccine it will produce will be the first in the market, but we cannot rely on the company’s data only, but rather we are awaiting the approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the World Health Organization. Thus, Lebanon is at the forefront of countries that preserve the right of its citizens to benefit from any vaccine approved. The third level: contacts are made with Russian factories and some vaccine manufacturers in China for the sake of the private sector in the event that companies are found interested in importing the vaccine, stressing in this field that “the Ministry of Public Health will not allow the import of any vaccine before it is approved by the World Health Organization, but The steps that are being taken aim to reserve the right of the private sector to invest and to keep pace with the Ministry of Public Health in this field.

– On the recommendation of the Scientific Committee, two letters will be directed to each of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice to follow up on the relationship with a number of private hospitals, especially in Mount Lebanon and the capital Beirut, which have not yet opened departments for Corona despite the public mobilization law announced more than seven months ago, and he said “European countries raise their preparedness and declare the second health emergency phase, which obliges all hospitals to reserve sixty percent of intensive care beds for Corona patients. However, some major hospitals in Lebanon and university hospitals, especially in Mount Lebanon and the capital, do not receive Corona patients, and they were long overdue in making the decision despite all the facilities and agreements concluded with the Ministry of Public Health and the Hospital Owners Syndicate. Therefore, we wish the Ministers of Interior and Justice to discuss how to oblige these hospitals to open Corona departments, taking into account the relevant legal texts, especially since we urgently need to cooperate with the aim of saving our citizens.

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