The losses are continuing and the worst is yet to come


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Qatar Airways admits: The losses are continuing and the worst has not yet come. Today, Monday, October 12, 2020 06:18 PM

Qatar Airways admits: The losses are continuing and the worst has not yet comePosted in Okaz on 10 – 12-2020

Qatar Airways Chief Executive Akbar Al-Baker admitted that the worst is yet to come for the company, whose business has been hit hard in the midst of the Corona pandemic, amid a noticeable drop in demand, a decline in sales, and the disruption of dozens of airlines that the airline flies to.
In an interview with CNBC of America, Al-Baker said: “The continuation of the pandemic will cast a shadow over the performance of the company and the aviation sector in general, as it is difficult to see any recovery for the company’s business and the aviation sector before 2024, amidst the strictures that governments are taking to curb the spread of the virus.”
Al-Baker added: “I would like to inform you that our losses will continue because every flight will continue to record losses with the fact that the number of passengers available to travel is constantly decreasing, or that there are a large number of passengers to transport them, as is happening with us now, but flights are one-way, because most airports are around The world has closed its doors because of the pandemic ».
Al-Baker called for continued government support for his company, pointing out that any government in the world must support its airlines for the important role they play in supporting the national economy.
It is noteworthy that Qatar Airways incurred losses estimated at 1.9 billion dollars in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Due to the consequences of the pandemic, which are record losses for the company, at a time when Al Baker indicated that these numbers will not be the end of the company’s train of losses, with expectations of continuing in the near future.


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