The launch of the international “Palestine Film Days” festival, with the participation of Arab, international and local films


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Film Lab – Palestine: In partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Ramallah Municipality, the activities of the International “Palestine Film Days” festival will start today, Tuesday, October 20, at 7:00 pm, in its seventh and exceptional edition, which will continue until the 26th of the same month. The cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem, in accordance with the procedures of the Palestinian government agencies and taking into account the health and preventive conditions and standards to ensure the safety of the public, while the festival shows in Jerusalem, Haifa and Gaza have been postponed due to the continued closure imposed due to the Corona pandemic.
The festival will open this year the Iranian film “No Satan”, directed by Muhammad Rasoulof and winner of the “Golden Bear” award at the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival, which is its first screening in the Arab world and Palestine. More than 30 international, Arab and local films also participate in the festival, including feature films (fictional and documentary) and short films, some of which will be shown in partnership with the French Clermont Ferrand Festival, which is one of the most important international festivals for short films in the world. These films come from Arab and foreign countries, including Iran, China, France, America, Sudan, Chile, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Serbia, Britain, Italy, Syria, Ghana, Sweden and Palestine.
Among the most prominent of these films are “Sorry We Didn’t Find You” by the famous British director Ken Loach, “Talking About Trees” by Sudanese director Suhaib Qesm Al-Bari, “You Will Die at Twenty” by Sudanese director Amjad Abu Al-Ela, the Lebanese film “1982” by Walid Mons, and the film The Chinese film “I missed a long time, my son,” directed by Wang Hiaochuai, the film “Diego Maradona” by Asif Kapadia, “A Sweet Knight .. The Tale of an Actor Out of Text” by Syrian director Rami Farah, and “Midnight Traveler” by Afghan director Hassan Fazili, and the Italian film “The Disappearance of My Mother” by Benjamino Parisi, “Beirut The Last Station” by the Lebanese director Elie Kamal, and the film “Between Heaven and Earth” by Palestinian director Najwa Najjar, which will be shown at the festival’s closing ceremony.
In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture stressed the importance of accumulating action and achievement achieved by the festival over the past years through the depth of strategic partnerships between the Ministry, FilmLab and all the festival’s organic partners. The Ministry indicated that in light of the gloom of the global scene due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the exceptional conditions that the Palestinian people live in, the seventh edition of the Palestine Film Festival comes to confirm the Palestinian’s ability to continue the challenge, persistence and adherence to hope, based on our firm belief in the energy of our creators and their renewed ability to develop The Palestinian cinematic scene and its access to various forums and spaces carrying the voice and image of Palestine and its aspirations.
In this context, M. Musa Hadid, mayor of Ramallah, said that the “Palestine Film Days” festival that comes and the repercussions of the Corona pandemic ravaging Palestine and the world have a special significance. Creating new priorities and different business concepts. Hadid added: “Palestine Film Days is an annual event we have been waiting for, and it is a space to present professional Palestinian, Arab and international films that enrich artistic criticism and the cultural climate in the city, contribute to general cultural development, gradually build a wider audience for cinema, attract dozens of creative people, and create a situation in the city of Ram. God”.
The Acting Director of FilmLab, Mrs. Ola Salama, commented: “The festival this year faced additional challenges represented in the exceptional circumstances and the permanent state of anticipation for any emergency changes that may occur due to the epidemic, which necessitated that we always put alternative plans. The preventive measures adopted by the festival imposed on us limited seats that limited our ability to launch the festival with the participation of all our partners and workers in the Palestinian film scene, which prevented the complications of travel from having a large number of them with us this year despite the participation of their films and film projects in the festival.
The “Palestine Film Days” festival is organized in partnership with the Ramallah municipality and the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and with support from the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts (AFAC), the Danish House in Palestine, the International Media Support Organization (IMS), the French consulate in Jerusalem, the Alternative Screens Network (Nass), and sponsored by Bank al-Etihad and the National Beverage Company, sponsored by Palestine TV, Radio 24 FM, Rumman Cultural Magazine and the Independence Cultural Platform, and in cooperation with cultural centers and institutions in the five cities: in Jerusalem with the French Institute and Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art and in Ramallah with both theater The Kasbah cinematheque, Sariya Ramallah and the Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan Foundation, and in Bethlehem with the House of Youssef Nasri Jasser for art and research, in Haifa with the Arab Culture Association, and in Gaza City it is held in cooperation with the French Institute in Medina.
It is worth noting that “Film Lab – Palestine” was established in 2014 as a non-profit organization, whose vision is based on a productive and dynamic film industry in Palestine by providing an ideal space to bring together filmmakers with the aim of stimulating learning, exchanging experiences, and forming a source of inspiration for each other, In addition to producing artistic films, by displaying a diversified stock of films to the masses.


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