The latest health developments in the case of the artist, “Ali Al Midfa,” after he was infected with Corona and entered the intensive care unit


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Artist Faisal Al-Issa, the hero of the series “Youth Al-Bomb”, revealed the latest developments in the health situation of the artist, Ali Al-Midfa, after he was infected with the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, and was admitted to intensive care in a hospital in Riyadh.

Al-Issa said that he contacted Ali al-Midfa’s son, Tariq, explaining that he had informed him of the improvement of his father’s health, calling on the public to pray for him for a speedy recovery.

He added in a tweet to him on his Twitter account, in which he said: “The able artist, Professor Ali Al-Midfa, after being infected with the Coronavirus, contacted his son, Brother Tariq, and praise be to God. He informed me that the father is improving, Lord, to you. .

For his part, the Kuwaiti artist Tariq Al-Ali tweeted, saying: The safety of the dear uncle, the great Saudi artist, with his power and stature # Ali_ Al-Midfaa, may God heal you and heal you, Lord, pray for him to heal on the blessed day.


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