The Kuwaiti Newspaper Newspaper | Brad Pitt Divorces With Girlfriend Nicole Buturalski


American actor Brad Pitt (56 years) has separated from his girlfriend, model Nicole Buturalsky (26 years), after a friendship that lasted 3 months, according to media reports.

The friendship between the two began last August, but ended now, according to those reports, which stated that the friendship between them was not “serious” and that the ties that bind them were not real either.

Brad Pitt, and as much as his handsomeness helped him draw attention to him, he suffered a lot in revealing his true talent that many people did not pay attention to, and he remained confined to that look that he saw killing his dream and his talent, so he confronted it with a brilliant romantic performance in True Romance, in 1993.

The year 1994 was the milestone in his career, as Brad Pitt knocked on the doors of stardom with the roles of the action and mystery film Interview with the Vampire, and he was able to appear clearly between two brilliant stars of his generation, Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise, as he presented the movie Legends of the Fall, with Anthony Hopkins.

In 1995, the movie Seven with the star Morgan Freeman had a great role in discovering the talent of Pete again, as he won the best performance award, and in the same year he presented the movie 12 Monkeys, which in turn won the Golden Globe Award, and was nominated for an Oscar. The period was a state of confusion and tension in Pitt’s career, so he stepped back a little with a short role in Sleepers.

Beginning in the third millennium, Pitt’s performance took a special character, starting with the movie Spy Game directed by Tony Scott with the participation of the great star Robert Redford, and he deserved to stand in the ranks of the stars of the first row, and his name matches the giants of Hollywood stars, without this negatively affecting his performance in the film .

After that, the movie “The 11th Ocean Gang” co-starred with the star George Clooney and directed by Stephen Sodberg, and it achieved remarkable success as it was the first part of a trilogy of films; But the second and third parts did not achieve the same success as the first part, then Brad made another leap to install his steps among the Hollywood stars with the Troy movie, adapted from the legend of the Iliad, and the film won 3 awards and was nominated for 18 other awards, including an Academy Award nomination and an MTV award Best Actor in a Fighting Film, Shared with Eric Bana

Then the film was presented the assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford, according to the novel of the same name by Ron Hansen, about a true story in the late nineteenth century about the life of one of the most famous American criminals, Jesse James, and his assassination by one of his gang members Robert Ford, and his artistic career continued. Even it has become an icon in Hollywood cinema today.


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