The Kuwaiti Newspaper Newspaper | A dialogue between the past and present of fashion at the Metropolitan Museum, New York


Fashion has a complex relationship with time, and it is not known whether it is based on repetition, liberation, or re-innovation. Next February.

This exhibition was postponed for six months due to the virus, but the party that preceded it usually was canceled, which is the most important party on the East Coast of the United States and is organized every year in the spring by the fashion goddess and Vogue magazine Anna Wintour.

To celebrate the museum’s 150th anniversary, the Custodian of the Institute, Andrew Bolton, wanted to showcase his collection, which is replete with more than 33,000 items of clothing and accessories, by highlighting “fashion and timeliness”.

“Fashion embodies, like other forms of artistic expression, a certain era and a spirit, to reflect them,” said director of the Metropolitan Museum, Max Hollein.

However, Bolton did not want the exhibits to be limited to a chronological approach, so he chose, in this exhibition called “About Time,” to present duos consisting of two pieces from two different stages (124 in total with a single dress as the last piece) that share similarities. Aesthetic every time.

Andrew Bolton said that in the exhibition, “bringing together the past and the present” takes his visitor “out of the temporal context” and makes him “look at time in a different way.”

The exhibition is based on a dialogue between ancient pieces dating back to the 1870s, at the time the museum was established, and newer ones, from the 1960s to the present day. Contemporary designers such as Alexander McQueen, Yuji Yamamoto and John Galliano have never hesitated to reuse and modernize pieces from 19th-century clothing.

Designs, buttons, shiny fabrics, and embroideries that were once symbols of prosperity add an aesthetic touch to the pieces.

Bolton pointed out that “fashion has often been characterized by movement and renewal, which is a passing cry and sometimes an outdated idea, but at the same time fashion regains its previous stations.”

With shorter skirts and dresses and looser cuts, designers are updating old pieces, such as the iconic Chanel suit that Karl Lagerfeld revived by touching it up with a short skirt.

Designers today enjoy a much wider range of materials than those that were available to their predecessors due to technological advances and evolving uses. (AFP)


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