The injury is 7 players away from the opening round in the Saudi League


A few hours, the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Professional Cup League competition begins.Saudi League», In its new version, after a team managed Crescent moon Snatching the exceptional title in the Corona season.

Sixteen teams are competing for the Saudi League this season, as everyone has the ambition to win the title, due to the strong support that all teams made in preparation for the new season.

Various injuries will prevent 7 players from participating in the opening round of the new season of the Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League, whose competitions begin today..

Due to an ankle injury, French national team striker Youssef Nyakati is expected to exit Unit The first football, according to the accounts of Portuguese coach Evo Vieira, against Qadisiyah today.

Tomorrow in front of Al-Ittihad, Al-Ettifaq will miss the efforts of Saad Al-Selouli, its midfielder, and Muhammad Al-Kwaikibi, his striker, due to their injuries in the posterior leg muscle (the quail).

And the absence of Saad Marzouq, left back, Damak, from his team’s confrontation with Al-Raed tomorrow, due to a sprain in the right foot joint.

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Al-Nasr will host his counterpart Al-Fateh tomorrow, with deficient rows of Abdel Fattah Asiri, the team’s wing, in addition to Sultan Al-Ghanem, the right-back, who suffer a tear in the posterior leg muscle, the “calf”, and the connective muscle, respectively..Knee troubles keep Talal Absi, the heart of Al-Ahly’s defense, from the team’s trip to Hafar Al-Batin governorate, to face Al-Batin, its representative, tomorrow.

The players of all teams will undergo an integrated medical examination and a strict medical protocol due to the Corona virus, as all countries fear a second wave of the epidemic.

Life and excitement return to all Saudi stadiums, starting today, with the launch of the Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, in its new version, with youth matches with Abha, and cooperation with Al-Faisaly, and Al-Wahda with Al-Qadisiyah and Al-Hilal with Al-Ain.

This is the third edition of the Mohammed Bin Salman Professionals Cup League, where the leadership in the Kingdom has provided unlimited support during the past two seasons for the clubs in the framework of the endeavors for the renaissance of local sports, and the Saudi League in particular.


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