The high-end version of AirPods Studio will cost $ 600


Apple has removed all audio products from Bose, Logitec and Sonos from its stores to make way for Beats and Apple products, which will soon be promoted with the arrival of a new product, which is headphones called AirPods Studio, making them the first headphones to carry the Apple brand.

There will be two versions of the AirPods Studio, one high-end made of leather and metal and costs $ 600, and a sports one that costs $ 350 that uses breathable fabric, and accepts the ability to attach the plugs by means of magnets, so removing these plugs and putting a new fabric in them will be very fast. .

AirPods Studio will lack a headphone jack and instead feature a USB Type-C port, which should allow for wired play. These headphones will support noise cancellation technology, and they will be reversible, which means that these headphones will automatically detect the earplugs on the left and which are on the right.

Note that AirPods Studio will not be announced at the October 13 event. Moreover, Jon Prosser revealed to us that Apple has also decided to postpone the launch of the AirTags tracking extension until March of the year 2021 knowing that this accessory has been under development for a while, and its goal is to create a small portable tracker that enhances the advanced Bluetooth capabilities of iPhone phones. And modern iPad tablets from Apple.


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