The gold price in Iraq today, Monday, October 5 /


Gold prices today in Iraq A comprehensive report that contains the price of 24, 21, 18, and 14 karat gold and Chinese gold and also includes the price of a kilo of gold and the price of an ounce – an ounce – and the gold pound according to the prices in the Iraqi market and in the local currency of Iraq, the Iraqi dinar and the American currency, the dollar. All days of the week.

Paying Zakat: It may not be permissible at all to rely on prices on the Internet to estimate Zakat matters

Average prices bThe money market in Iraq In Iraqi dinars

Unit Iraqi Dinar American dollar European Euro

The price of 24 carat gold 74,112 $62.3052.57

Gold price carat 22 67,936 $57.1048.19

The price of gold is 21 carat 64,849 $54.5146.00

The price of 18 carat gold 55,585 $46.7239.43

Gold prices carat 14 43,232 $36.3430.67

Gold prices carat 12 37,056 $31.1526.29

The price of an ounce of gold 2,304,870 $1,9371,635

The price of a pound of gold 518,794 $436.08368.02

The price of a kilo of gold 74,111,586 $62,29652,574

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