The frequency of the Saudi Education Channel 2020 on Nilesat and Arabsat


Search engines are now witnessing the frequency of the Saudi educational channel, Ain, which was launched. The decision to suspend studies last year due to the Corona virus, and the Ministry of Education announced that students will follow their lessons from it, and now after the Ministry’s decision to teach remotely for the current academic year for the first weeks of the school year, All students and parents began searching to find out the frequency of the Ain Educational Channel to follow all its educational programs for the different stages of education.

Ain educational channel

Ain Channel is affiliated with the Ain Educational Group, as it has 6 channels dedicated to the primary stage, 3 channels for the intermediate stage, and 3 channels for the secondary stage, and the educational programs begin to explain the lessons scheduled for the educational classes from seven in the morning until nine in the evening and the programs are repeated so that students can watch the explanation More than once, Ain Channels also owns a YouTube channel and has a full archive of all the lessons that were broadcast on its channels, in addition to the daily electronic broadcast via YouTube.

The frequency of the Saudi educational eye channel 2020

For all students, you can benefit from the educational programs of the Ain Channel by setting its frequency on the Nilesat satellite 11564, the horizontal coding rate is 27500, and on the Arabsat satellite 12437, the vertical coding rate: 27500.

Thus, we have provided you with our honorable followers of the Akhbarak website now the latest frequency of the Ain educational channel to follow the videos explaining the materials prescribed for the different grades, we wish all students good luck, success and safety as well.


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