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Sport is one of the most important areas that many people around the world care about, with different ages and fields. Many love sports and are considered his only passion, and others practice it as a game with the aim of playing or gaining health because sport is very important to health. Exercise must be done daily, even if it is in the simplest way, such as walking for an hour a day, despite From that, many people like to follow sports, whether on the Internet or on the various television screens that specialize in sports and display sports such as football or basketball, etc., and from the sports channels on the television screen is the BoutQ channel.

The birth of the Bout Q channel

The BeoutQ channel is considered a sports satellite channel on television screens in most countries around the world, the beoutQ channel displays sports matches such as football and other various sports, it was established in 2017, and it covers directly in North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East in particular As the language of the BoutQ channel is Arabic.

The frequency of the BoutQ channel

BeoutQ channels are considered one of the largest satellite channels that provide sports content, competing for PSN Sport channels, and since the BoutQ channels stopped broadcasting, which gave the opportunity for many sports fans to ask about the return of the BoutQ channel and its new frequencies, especially after the commitment of the house from Many people around the world accepted due to the Corona crisis and the home quarantine.

It gave sports fans the greatest opportunity to watch different sports channels such as BeoutQ channels, and it is worth noting that BoutQ sports channels were initially affiliated with beIN Sports channels and broadcast matches directly with them, and we note that the frequency of the BoutQ channel on the Nilesat satellite is 12034 with horizontal polarization and a coding rate of 27500, and on the Arabsat satellite the frequency is 11270 with horizontal polarization and a coding rate of 27500.


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